Escape Experiences by Fantastic Race

Fantastic Race Escape Experiences – Our most unique experiences yet!!

Our new escape experiences are part immersive theater, part escape room, and, unlike anything you or we have done before!

Escape From Frontier World – Welcome to Frontier World, where your fantasies are real, and your reality is a fantasy! But all is not right in this Western World. One of our hosts is plotting an overthrow. Can you solve the code and identify the malfunctioning host before all hell breaks loose?

Come early to enjoy food and beverage at our host locale, Tinhorn Flats, Burbank, and have a boot-stompin’, mind bogglin’ time.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a one drink or appetizer minimum that is not included in the purchase price. Also note, teams of 3 or fewer may be matched up with other teams or individuals.

Escape¬† The Speakeasy – Pssst. You didn’t hear this from me but the crazed minds behind Fantastic Race and the Virus Room presented by Get the F Out have partnered up with Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank to create a very special experience. Escape the Speakeasy is a puzzle based adventure which is one part escape room, one part whodunnit, and one part immersive theater. Youse guys sign up as a team of 2-8 and compete against the other teams to be the first ones to 86 the snitch that is bringing Elliot Ness down to bust the joint.

There is a maximum of 6 teams of six and teams of 1,2, or 3 people could be matched with other people.

In addition to the ticket price – Guests will be asked to respect Flappers -Two item minimum (Any combo of Food or Drink) purchased from the Flappers bill of fare.