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People Love Us On Yelp

Amazing Los Angeles Race
Based on 128 Reviews
Eric H.
Eric H.
2017-02-21 16:12:18
We did the Fantastic Race L.A. 2 and it was a blast! Our team was my wife, 2 daughters (13 and 9) and I. We competed against 4 other teams, and WON! The...
Scott H.
Scott H.
2016-12-07 09:03:28
We did the Fantastic LA Race 1, which apparently was their first and most difficult race. This was our first foray into these outdoor scavenger/mystery...
Mike F.
Mike F.
2016-07-10 20:11:14
Very challenging and a lot of laughs We enjoyed it very much and cant wait to do the next one. Very well organized. Mike
Amazing Santa Monica Race
Based on 63 Reviews
Amina S.
Amina S.
2017-04-03 09:28:44
This is my 3rd time doing the Amazing Race with this organization (Have done the dtown LA ones as well)! I was hosting the bachelorette party activities...
Michelle M.
Michelle M.
2017-03-14 12:37:09
This race was truly amazing. We went as a bachelorette party for my sister's upcoming wedding. It was such a fun yet challenging experience that really...
Pineapple P.
Pineapple P.
2016-11-15 07:40:04
We loved it and had a blast! We did this several years ago, but it came up in my FB feed as a memory and I was reminded of it and thought I'd write a quick...


Probably  the best money ever spent!!!! What a great way to experience LA, I’ve been living here for 5 years and discovered new places!Pamela A.
The greatest excursion ever. We loved it! Freaking awesome!nacholibre
This was an awesome event to participate in! We did it as a bachelorette weekend activity and we won! I am a big fan of the amazing race and this race is quite clever.Kay R.
I hosted a group of 60 people for a weekend retreat in Los Angeles. I’ve been told dozens of times that this event was one of the most fun activities we have ever done as a group.Hank K.
If this is what all of these races are like, we’ll be back again and again!Dave J.
So much fun! We took out of town family members and it was a great way for them to do some sightseeing without us having to be bored….we even got to visit some places that we have never been before.Anonymous
Ok, in all seriousness, the Amazing Santa Monica Race was probably the most exciting activity I’ve done in LA, and maybe anywhere.Lucy F.
We had the guys at Amazing Race host our daughters 12th birthday party this past Saturday. It was 20 pre-teen girls, 4 chaperones and it was pouring rain. Sounded like a recipe for disaster but what we got was a slice of AWESOMENESS.Jessica H.
Celebrated my 25th Birthday with a Amazing Los Angeles Race and I can honestly it was one of the best times I’ve ever had on my birthday.Jensen L.
My friends shared with me that this was one of the best birthday celebrations they’ve been to, and I couldn’t have done it without Amazing Race LA!April T.
The Amazing Cozumel Race turned out to be the favorite of our trip.njumm
My employer arranged a Fantastic Race for 42 people (myself included), and it was a blast. One team member said it was the best day she’d ever had at work.Wayne C.
I really had a fantastic time today at The Amazing LA Race 2, and highly recommend it to others! In fact I’ll take it a step further and guarantee that I’ll be planning to catch any and all of the other variations they offer and getting as many of my friends to join as possible!Boaz Hepner
This was the most fun we’ve had in a long time…what a great experience. Get some friends together and do this race, what a blast! We will do this again!Lois N.
It’s rare that I rate things 5 stars. But this experience is really great.Ming C.
I enjoyed it from start to finish. It’s a great way to discover LA and its culture. Definitely a better and more exciting way to see the city. The clues were surprisingly clever. They definitely tested my wits. And since it’s a race, it has that extra edge.Deelady